The Campo Lameiro Archeological Park preserves one of the most impressive sets of open-air prehistoric petro glyphs in all of Europe. The visitor´s center hosts a permanent exhibition conceived as a unique journey to the Bronze Age. A journey that reveals how archeological and multidisciplinary researches’ are unveiling the ways of life of our ancestors in this region, allowing to imagine how could they be organized, and what were their main activities and believes . The visit to the Park, that covers an area of over 22.000 sq meters, is complemented by a number of outstanding facilities such as the recreation of a Bronze Age village and offers an attractive program of activities related to experimental archaeology, oriented to different publics.


Concept and project direction of the permanent exhibitions and presentation of the site; design and implementations of the activities; organization of the operation team and operational program; kick off of the operations.


Surface area: 22 ha
Exhibition area: 1200 m2
Client: INGENIAqed S.A.
Developer: Regional Ministry of Culture / Government of Galicia.